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Seeking Insights from Partnerships that Advance Health

Emmy Ganos, Program Officer, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | 04/07/2016

“The health and well-being of a community is far too complex to be the responsibility of the healthcare sector alone,” writes Emmy Ganos of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) in Seeking Insights from Partnerships that Advance Health, which ran recently on RWJF’s Culture of Health blog.

Ganos explains that a growing number of cross sector collaborations–in which the healthcare sector is just one player on a larger stage–are emerging across the nation. “In these collaborations, Ganos says, “businesses, government agencies, community groups, and schools work together with traditional healthcare institutions to build a Culture of Health for all, no matter where they live, learn, work, or play.”

Tracking the efforts of these partnerships is central to understanding their effects on the health landscape. That’s why, in 2014, ReThink Health began collecting data on them through our Pulse Check survey. To continue following the developments of existing and new partnerships, we recently launched the 2016 Pulse Check. We invite you to read more about the significance of the Pulse Check effort via Ganos’ post on RWJF’s Culture of Health blog.

And, if you are part of a multi-sector partnership, please contribute your voice to the Pulse Check findings by taking the survey now: (NOTE to readers: the 2016 Pulse Check survey is now closed and results are forthcoming on the ReThink Health website soon).

Thank you!