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Regenerative Economics in the Bronx and Beyond

Bobby Milstein, Director, System Strategy | 06/29/2015

An article in the Spring 2015 issue of the Capital Institute‘s e-bulletin begins with this poignant quote from a resident leader in the Bronx:

“We are the poorest urban county not because we can’t produce wealth, but because we haven’t built what we need to capture it. You spend your life enriching someone else, somewhere else.”

— Yorman Nunez, from the Field Guide‘s

Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative story, 2013

This article concentrates on “The Problem of Rising Rents and Falling Incomes Seen Through the Regenerative Lens.” It is a quick window into the larger story about how folks are rethinking economics with a focus on its regenerative potential.

Here’s a quick quote from Sally Goerner’s article along those lines:

“Extractive economies create an illusion of vitality by building a shimmering bubble of phantom wealth that masks an ever more fragile real economy. In contrast, Regenerative economies seek to build long-term, cross-scale, economic vitality precisely by re-invigorating the small and medium-sized, real-economy organizations that are currently so malnourished.”

There is much more on Regenerative Capitalism at these links:

Which aspects of regenerative capitalism resonate with you?

Bobby Milstein is a director at ReThink Health.