At ReThink Health, a Rippel initiative, we work with national and regional stewards to discover what it takes to guide transformative change and produce better health and well-being for all.

How do stewards shift the system that produces health and well-being?

Stewards are people or organizations who take responsibility for working with others to create conditions that all people need to thrive, beginning with those who are struggling and suffering.

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Date: 6/16/22 Source: Grantmakers In Health Blog
Date: 11/1/13 Source: Atlanta Regional Collaborative for Health Improvement
Date: 4/3/14 Source: The New England Journal of Medicine
Date: 7/17/18 Source: Well Being Trust
Date: 2018 Source: National Alliance to Impact the Social Determinants of Health
Date: 5/23/13 Source: Berrett-Koehler Publishers
Date: June 2010 Source: Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law
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