Seeking Insights to
Strengthen Shared

Lasting change requires new mindsets and measures that value social and economic well-being.

Meet Anita Chandra, a steward.



Anita knows firsthand the challenges that families face when navigating America’s troubled system for health and well-being. Using her own childhood adversities as motivation, she constantly looks for opportunities to create a more humane and equitable future as Director of Social and Economic Wellbeing at the RAND Corporation.


Anita realized early in life that if she were ever going to influence lasting change, it would be necessary to design policies and systems that are built for everyone to thrive. It would also require new mindsets and measures that value social and economic-well-being, instead of typical tools that mostly monitor problems. Anita addresses these issues by using research to understand the context around the adversity people face and how they move towards personal well-being. She learned that people flourish through social connection and build strength by engaging in civic life. Anita uses this insight to champion efforts that draw new people and organizations into the practice of shared stewardship—promoting the connection and civic engagement critical for well-being.


ReThink Health works with Anita and others at RAND to study characteristics of standout stewards and advance social and economic well-being ideals. Together they learn how stewards rely on their head, heart, and hands to confront challenges that defy conventional leadership. Currently, they are conducting a nationwide survey to track the rise of shared stewardship in communities across the country. With this research, they hope to learn more about what it takes to strengthen shared stewardship in a rapidly changing world to serve the vital needs of everyone.


You can learn more about the current efforts of Anita and the RAND Corporation here